Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Who Do The Kudzu That You Do?

Hey Gang,

I had the pleasure of doing some (court ordered) volunteer work.  I had to pull kudzu from trees in  a nearby park.  Kudzu is an invasive species of vines that takes over bushes or trees.  If not weeded, it can take over and keep the host plant from getting sunlight.  As I spent hours working on this task it made me think...we all have kudzu in our lives.

Everyone one of us are tall and mighty trees trying to grow tall, but something always sneaks up on us and tries to steal our sunlight.  Sometimes our kudzu is insecurity, sometimes it's fear of failure, my personal kudzu is disliking hard work.

I also noticed that there is a distinct smell to kudzu. At first I thought it smelled good, but after awhile I realized that the smell was pungent. It smells like bacon until it starts smelling like vines.  That got me to thinking that often bacon can be our personal kudzu as well.  I like to eat bacon until my sweat start smelling like vines.

I think everyone should pull kudzu and have the same inspiration that I did.  A lot of parks need weeding and gardening done.  I recommend volunteering your time. I'm not really sure how to volunteer at local parks.  Most parks are open to the public, so just show up with your shovels and picks and starting weeding the trees.  If someone asks what you are doing, tell them Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer sent you!

Have a great day!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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