Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ringing In Saturn Tonight!

Hey Gang,

Tonight is going to be very exciting!  We (the people of Earth) will be able to see Saturn. (The planet, not the plastic car.)  From what I understand, the Earth revolves AROUND the sun. (Who knew?)  Well, today the earth will be wedgied between Saturn and the sun.

I think we could all learn an important lesson from tonight's celestial event.  It's all about dealing with people or issues that you normally can ignore.  It is no secret that Earth and Saturn have had an icy relationship for awhile.  They don't often run in the same circles, so most of the time direct contact can be avoided.  Not tonight, though. Both planets will be passing each other, exchanging chilly glances and smiling for all those taking pictures to post on social media.  Remember this the next time you run into your "Saturn" or the next time your trip around the sun leads to awkward encounters. If the giant planets can get along, so can you and your enemies.

For those of you who have a telescope, you can gaze into the sky and see the wonderment of the universe.  For those of us who don't have a telescope it would be great if we got invited to the telescope owners' houses.  I would even bring some kind of space-themed snack, like moon-pies or Cheerios. (They look like little Saturn rings.)  You can leave your invitations in the comments of this blog. I will be waiting by my computer all day!

Have fun tonight, be safe and Stay Awake, kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gaining Vacation Time

Hey Gang,

I have a big vacation that I am planning.  I can't let you in on all of the details, but let's just say it involves going to a big city in pursuit of the most handsome lifestyle guru out there. (Hint, it's not Oprah.) I have a lot of preparing to do for my big trip, so I thought I would share my travel tips with my readers!

Packing Your Suitcase
  • It is important to remember to take as much as you possibly can with you.  The rule of thumb... bring 2 1/2 outfits for every day that you are away.  You never know when you will need to change from your spring yellow blazer into your winter yellow blazer. Pack all your blazers! Even if your going to the beach...It is ALWAYS blazer season.
  •  Another travel misconception out there is to roll up your clothes before putting them in your suitcase.  I think that technique couldn't be wronger.  Yes, you may save space by packing that way, but is that how you want your clothes to experience travel? Remember this vacation is for  everyone.  Throw your clothes in your bag the way you would want to be thrown in a bag...with gusto and unabashed joy!  Let your garments free from the confounds of luggage conformity.
  • A lot of people will pack ahead of time.  I don't.  Too much preparing will only add to the anxiety of travel.  Gather your travel belongings the morning of your departure, it adds to the excitement of the journey!
Eating On The Go
  • Unlike clothing, taking extra food with you isn't necessary.  Most places that you are going to have food.  The airport is full of over-priced food, as well as hotels.  Many hotels have food right in your room.  They charged you up to 10 times the  regular amount, but hey...what are vacations for?
  • Don't stray for your usual palette.  In the last decade or so, a term called "foodees" has been used a lot.  It describes people who like to try new and different types of food. Not on my vacation!  I have eaten a 7-11 granola bar and a red Gator-Aid every morning for the last 20 years. That type of routine isn't going to be stopped just because I am on vacation.
Taking Pictures
  •  We live in a society of social media. We take pictures of ourselves and our food constantly.  Why not go on vacation from picture taking too?  If you are someplace special, why do a mundane task of capturing the moment...that is for "everyday" life, not your "getaway" time.

I hope these travel tips help. If you are taking a sabbatical this summer, remember to stay safe and stay awake, kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trash Talking Sunday!

Hey Gang,

This Sunday will be a big celebration.  Families all across the country will gather to honor the men in their lives.  It is of course, Global Garbage Man Day!

I have so many great memories of my childhood garbage men. I would look forward to seeing them every week.  Sometimes I would wait for them at the end of the driveway, sometimes I would wait for them by the garbage cans and sometimes I would wait for them inside the garbage cans.  It got to be such a fun game to watch the trash collectors scream when I would jump out of the rubble shrieking at the top of my lungs!  The sanitation workers got to the point that they would kick the cans before they would pick them up. Sadly, I had to stop playing that game when the county refused to provide trash service our home. Such treasured memories!

Since I currently reside in the Walmart parking lot, I don't have a neighborhood garbage man anymore. I just have giant dumpsters that gets picked up by larger trucks. I did once try to hide and scare those garbage men, unfortunately the trucks were too automated and the dumpsters were too big that I ended spending the whole week being trapped at the city dump.

This year will be tricky since June 17th falls on a Sunday, most garbage men will be at home celebrating Father's Day with their families. So, if you know the addresses of any garbage men, post it to the internet.  Try to go to their houses and show them how much you appreciate their services, maybe even give them a gift...what more would they want than garbage?  Show them how much you appreciate them by throwing a piece of garbage in their yard. If you REALLY care, chuck a whole bag of garbage into their yard.  Let them feel appreciated!

Enjoy the weekend and stay awake kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Special 10K!

Hey Gang,

This is an exciting week for me. My blog is about to hit 10,000 views!   There is a commonly held belief that if you practice anything for 10,000 hours you become an expert at it. Michael Jordan was rumored to have practiced rock and roll music in his garage for 10,000 hours while The Beatles shot hoops for that same amount of time.  Look at who they became...legends!

I have posted 79 blogs that take me anywhere from one to two hours to write, which means that I still need more hours to become a world-class blogger. (If I factor in procrastination time, along with dawdling and dilly dallying, I spend about three and a half days in front of a computer to write one blog post.) However, if it takes at least a minute to read one blog post then that makes my collective readers expert blog viewers!  Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!

10,000 is also significant in a few other ways:

  • It is my gross lifetime income! (I don't like to brag, but I had been at the $9,500 mark for a couple of years, it was so great to make it over that hump.) 
  • I once tried to start a band that consisted of a large number of maniacs, but Natalie Merchant apparently had parallel thinking and came up with her musical act first. 
  • I was asked to run a 10k, I thought it meant to run the shape of a K ten times, apparently the K stands for metric miles. It was too much for me, I still ran the K shape, though. (I pulled a muscle after a K and a half.)
  • 10,000 is also about 416 days, which is about 59 more weeks which equals 59 more blogs that may lead to 10,000 more views. (If your mind is not blown, then your not paying attention!)
Thanks again, Gang for the reads, the likes and the subscribes! Be sure to watch my weekly videos as well!

Stay Awake Kids,

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer