Thursday, August 17, 2017

Total E-Clips of the Part

Hey Gang,

As you have heard by now, there will be a giant E-Clips coming soon.  Everyone is saying it will be historic and special glasses are going to be needed when the E-Clips happens.  I personally think it will be like Shakespeare's quote, "much Scooby Doo about nothing."

This is my first E-Clips.  I have had experience with E-Harmony, E-Mail and I once tried an E-Cigarette, but never an E-Clips.  Personally, I am little confused on how someone can get a haircut on the internet, but I have never truly understood how this wide world web works.  I think that it may be an app (like the kids call it) that you download and it clips your hair, hence the term E-Clips.

It seems unfair to human hair dressers.  There are so many jobs that these computers have taken over, this is just another casualty of the technical age.  I have decided not to participate in the E-Clips.  As a Gainer, our hair genetically stops growing after a certain age.  My Great Grandmother Gainer had a Dorothy Hamilton bob until she was 98.

Have a great August 21st and remember, only you can choose to get a cyber haircut!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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