Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Ballot of MaryJane

Hey Gang,

For those of you who are familiar with current events, I don't have to explain what's been going on with marijuana politically.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the latest "doobie" news, let me lay it out for you...Pot is legal now in some states.

Now, I neither condone nor encourage the smoking of the left-handed-cigarettes or the right-handed-ones, either. (For those of you who are ambidextrous, then your a candidate for a bong.)  I do, however, find the subject interesting.  Fun story - As, Cathy Gainer Teenage Trainer, I was once peer-pressured into trying a Swisher Sweet Cherry-Flavored Cigar.  It didn't have drugs in it, but it still made me black-out for 3 days.  I woke up in a jazz club wearing a fedora and playing a mean triangle.  I tried to adopt a cool nickname like "Fats" or "Dizzy", but all anyone would call me was, "Please Leave!"

As an adult, I have decided not to temp fate and try the "devil's dandelions," but far be it for me to tell other people how to live their lives.  Some people may think that living in a Gremlin in a Walmart parking lot isn't cool or hep or desirable, but I have proved otherwise!

Although these marijuana laws have been put on ballots for citizens to vote on and some states have experienced an increase in revenue as a result of weed taxation, it seems that one little old man might change all of it. It's neat. It reminds me of Grandpa Gainer Old-Timey Trainer who once said, "Baaarrrhhh!" He did so love to grumble!

Stay awake and keep on voting. It makes a difference (kind of). 

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer.

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  1. Very cute editorial tho it didn't argue for either side... really 3 days on a swisher sweet? If you ever visit me I will teach you how to smoke a real cigar. First lesson, you DON'T inhale... Very bad, very bad... 😊

  2. I live in apartment complex and my downstairs neighbors would make Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Cheech and Chong all say 'no thanks', they make the building smell like a combo of burning rubber tires mixed with skunk, they are loud and obnoxious and play super loud music and loud video games all day. I abhor them. I thought pot heads were quiet and mellow, not demon spawn. I have never tried it and think it smells disgusting and no matter how much I try to smell proof my home and run air purifiers it doesn't help much. Needless to say I have strong feelings about it. And I wish the cops would finally stumble upon what has to be a grow house.

    @Matthew - I like that it doesn't take sides, but then again I have background in television news writing and human interest reporting so I get this style of writing completely. And by the way from the true cigar afficionados I know why light one of those things if you are not going to inhale? So you just light it and let it burn out?

    Hopping over from BSAS!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  3. I also haven't really argued for either side. In fact I've honestly been trying to stay away from politics because people can be so very vicious on the smallest of issues. I liked reading your personal story and experience though! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Matt, do save her with that cigar lesson.
    Tracy, I had neighbors like that once too. Here's a kicker. They live across the hallway of a town house. Directly under me however live a cop, his wife and toddler. The cop would come home, the stoners would quiet down, then I could hear the cop beating his wife. So who do you report and to whom?
    Gabriella - Totally with your on the political neutrality. Only verbal argument I ever had with my grandfather, who I fully respected, was over a Rep/Dem vote. My daughter and I have not spoken for three days over Rep/Dem and I love her dearly. Not worth it at all, so now we talk about weed all day, much more interesting.