Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Future Is Scary and Bleak Post

Hey Gang,

I have noticed that the internet really likes a lot of videos, pictures of food and super scary articles about the demise of the following: environment, democracy, common decency, family values, and "real music". (The internet is a lot like the conversations at a dinner table with elderly relatives.)  Sometimes I get horribly worried about the future, sink into a giant funk and let the hopelessness consume my soul. JK, I'm Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer and I use my endless positivity to turn panic into a picnic!

As I aspire to inspire the masses, I realize that Fear is a big seller. (It's not as big of a seller as Fear's hedonistic cousin, Sex, but it's a nifty merchant nonetheless.)  The news plays Fear like a fiddle, politicians invite Fear to appear in all their commercials and sometimes Fear is used to peddle products to people with children and pets. (Both have car seats, life vests and strollers now!) 

 There are a few articles that address this Fear phenomenon and suggest  to "unplug" electronic devices, avoid social media or enjoy nature's surroundings, but I don't like to hand out such bad advice.  I think the more online time, the better.  Reading posts, blogs and articles about possible: outbreaks, wars and named storms just makes one mentally stronger.

I try to look at fear like I look at Responsibility.  I ignore it, pretend real consequences don't exist and Google those cat videos that everyone loves so much.  It works well for me.  I sleep great every night in my Gremlin that is parked in the Walmart parking lot!

Stay out of cold and try to avoid the "bomb cyclone" that is coming later in the week!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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