Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The State Of The Blog Blog

Hey Gang,

The State of the Union was on on last night and it was riveting.  Just kidding, not only did I not watch the SOTU on Tuesday, I wrote this blog on Monday, the night before it aired.  I have never been interested in fancy speeches with  big words so I was awfully tempted to listen this one, but decided otherwise. I did realize, though, that it has been a full year since I started writing "Gaining Insight," so I want to look at the state of this blog within this blog post.

First, let me take you behind the scenes of the magic that is blogging.  You go to a swanky office that is filled with warm loving people and fresh homemade bread. Classical music is playing in the background to stimulate the great ideas that freely flow from my mind. Just kidding, I usually hand-write my blog alone huddled inside my 1968 Gremlin and then type it into a public library computer.  Sometimes I stare for hours at the dashboard because I have no clue what to write about.  It's what I call my "creative process."

As we speak I have published 44 blog posts and have over 6300 reads.  In addition, I started a podcast (I have been told it's a vlog, but that sounds like a Russian curse word so I'll stick with podcast.) that I film with my good friend. (I can't always remember her name.  She has a place and then her name as a name....Sacramento Sally, Salt Lake City Cindy or Seattle's Finest..something like that)  We film every Saturday morning, I have a lot of fun and so does my friend  Just kidding, she tells me it's stupid and usually asked me to leave her condo. (She has a stationary home unlike my portable Gremlin resident.)  So far we have only 4 video podcasts out, but many more are on the way.  Take a look at the rest of my blog and watch them!

Thanks for all the reads and views and as always...Stay Awake, kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer


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