Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Escape From Which Mountain?

Hey Gang,

Escape rooms seem to be the hottest craze!  It is a business that takes your money, locks you in a room and doesn't let you out until you have solved a puzzle.  It is a lot like growing up with my family, they would also lock me up but there were no puzzles and I would be confined for days.  Grandma's visits were fun!

Some of the escape rooms have themes like zombies, mysteries or awkward conversations.  I wanted to check one out for myself so I went to a place that advertises escape rooms.  I wasn't sure of the theme so I decided to dress like a pirate... just in case.

When I got there the other participants seemed nervous, I figured they were as eager as I was to start the game.  The room was very small and the first challenge was a math problem with numbers on the wall.  All of the other people there were quiet and looked uncomfortable, so as a trainer, I stepped in and took control.  I yelled, "I need numbers, people... numbers!"  At first everyone just looked at me, until I continuously screamed and repeated myself. Finally, the other participants started calling out numbers.  I feverishly inputted them into the key pad on the wall when presto...the escape room door opened!

As it turned out I was just in an elevator.  The escape room was merely in that building. Most of the people I was riding with worked in unrelated office jobs.  Once everyone exited the elevator (some ran) a nice security guard escorted me to his office where I tried to explain the whole misunderstanding.  I  did end up spending the afternoon in his office, unable to escape.  So I guess I had my own adventure for free! (Plus no charges were pressed if I promised never to return to that building!)

Stay Awake, Kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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