Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Hey Gang,

As life-long fan of Tony Robbins, I wasn't surprised to hear that he has his own awards show.  It was broadcast last Sunday and people have been posting about it since.  It was a fancy event filled with talent , music and celebrities. It was simply called the "Tony Awards."

Tony Robbins has always been my inspiration and the reason I decided to be a corporate trainer/life coach/motivational arouser. I realize that I don't have his well chiselled body that make those black shirts hang off of him like a work of art, or a set of perfectly white teeth that light up the room when he smiles, or even his fees of thousands of dollars that help to extra inspire people.  I do, though, have one thing that he has...his words.  I say his words verbatim. I have memorized  most of the stuff he has written in his books or during his appearances on Oprah.  (Where are the Oprah Awards, by the way?  It's time to step up, America.)

Thanks to someone not signing out of the Netflix account on a public library computer, I was able to see Tony's latest special.  Oh my was I impressed! Not only was he charismatic and handsome, he was also dangerously dispensing psychological advise that he was clearly not qualified to give.  It was kind like watching people at a church, if the church had charged thousands of dollars and the preacher berated them in front of the congregation.  Netflix, you were worth that low monthly fee a stranger paid for.

Well kids, go out there today and find your motivation . Maybe you will find it from me, or from Tony, or from me talking about Tony.  Go find your happiness.  And remember what Tony always says...."That's great!!!" (That was actually Tony the Tiger.  As per some on-going legal battles, I am not allowed put any of Tony Robbins direct quotes in my blogs and I have to stay at least a thousand feet from his property.)

Thanks Gang,

Cathy Gainer, Corporate Trainer

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