Friday, June 23, 2017

Nothing Rhymes With Chipotle

Hey Gang,

As our country grows, changes and becomes a melting pot of people, so does our fast food-sit down-chain restaurants.  Today we have Italian grills, Korean barbecues and California pizzas.  What started out as a food from a specific culture, gets extracted and mixed with staples of Americana, which usually includes extra cheese and ranch dressing to bring us the modern cuisine that we have today.

Nothing makes me happier than eating a Chipolte Rice Bowl.  It's like an unwrapped burrito that you eat with a fork or a Chinese meal that it made up entirely of Mexican food.  It's filling and delicious!

Even the set up of a Chipolte restaurant is a hybrid of different fast food joints.  Most interiors look like a beatnik-laden coffee house, but the ordering process is a lot like a Subway.  It has fresh food, a long line of people individualizing each order, and employees that don't make eye contact when I point out each condiment and say "Does this have e-coli?  How about this? Ok what about this one?"

The next time you go out to eat, take note of all the cultures that your food is representing.  Is it a food that has a Spanish flair,  an Asian inspired dish or good old American Cheetos stuffed with mac and cheese?

 Bone Appetizers!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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  1. I do like me some Chipotle - sadly, I tend to not feel all that good a few hours after eating but um, SO worth it? LOL!