Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solistice

Hey Gang,

Summer solstice is today and quite frankly, it's my favorite of all solstices.  It is the longest day of the year, but really the least celebrated of all the sun holidays.  I just don't think that this holiday has done a very good job of marketing itself, which is a shame since this is an age of social media and do-it-yourself advertising.

I have a few suggestions to help boost summer solstice's popularity.  For one, there are no mascots like Santa, Easter Bunny or leprechauns for summer solstice.  Why not have an imaginary character for children to look forward to in the summer?  It should represent what June is about, summer, sun and outside.  Maybe the mascot should be Niles, the Magical Mosquito?   He comes every solstice biting the children and filling them with summer fun.

Children all over the northern hemisphere will anticipate Niles arrival by putting standing water outside their house, opening their windows and hiding their bug spray.  Niles will sneak in at night when children are sleeping and ravage their skin with summer-fun.  When the children wake up they will be itchy and ready for fun in the sun!

Also summer solstice doesn't have any greeting cards.  Why not exchange summer time salutations with a Hallmark card that reads:

Summer vacation is here and we will travel for miles
Enjoying the pool and waiting for Niles
Soaking in the sun and enjoying the light
While we put Calamine Lotion on all of Nile's bites

Happy Summer Solstices!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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