Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My DemBROgraphics!!

Hey Gang,

I recently discovered statistics regarding this blog!  It turns out that men between the ages of 25-35 are reading it the most!  I thought I would take a moment to pander to my biggest demographic....The Bros!

So...have you all seen the latest superhero movie?  It was way rad, especially the part when the villain was seemingly winning the confrontation but was ultimately defeated by the end of movie.  Also, who likes to watch organized games of sports? Tater Tots are delicious. Never having to be a real adult is nifty!

Ok guys, I am back...I had to italicize the above dialogue so you  know that I was in my "bro" character.  I am just me now.  Just for full disclosure (because there are a lot of legalities regarding what you can and can't say on a personal blog) I have never watched a superhero movie.  As a child I tried a read comic book once, but was bored and opted for a Tony Robbins pamphlet that I fatefully found at a mall parking lot.  I am sure they are lovely movies.  Who doesn't get entertained by 90 minutes of watching people getting all punchy and kicky on the big screen?

Also, I don't really watch the sporting events either.  When I was in high school, as Cathy Gainer Adolescent Trainer, I would attend some of the athletic competitions.  It is fun.  Our school had colored uniforms that the athletes wore. The other teams competing also donned matching clothes.  I would cheer vehemently for my school, until the coaches would tell me to leave the gymnasium.

I really do eat tater tots, though. Who doesn't?  I feel that is kind of a universal appeal, not just dudes like finger sized crispy potatoes

Well folks and bros, keep reading every week. I hope you are watching my podcasts as well.  Tune in this Saturday for a video that thanks to the blog-reading bros!

Stay Awake Kids
Peace Out, Broseph
(That is Bro-Talk for Stay Awake Kids!)

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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