Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hey Gang,

It's graduation time for many students across America.  As someone who has never graduated anything...ever, I find this season fascinating!  From what I understand, there are lots of inspirational speakers during the graduation ceremony.  As an aspiring trainer, I think I would be good fit be as an aspiring commencement speaker.

In preparation for any future speeches that I may or may not be asked to make, I have prepared the following words:

Hello Class of The Present Year,

Some of you may be graduating from high school or college...maybe 8th grade or kindergarten.  It is really hard to say, we seem to "graduate" almost any grade these days with elaborate ceremonies and gifts. Yay consumer spending!

All of you before me  have come here today for many different attended a program that is now ending.  Ok, maybe that is the same reason.  Many of you, though, wanted this diploma  for many different were promised it as a result of completing the program.  Ok, maybe that is also the same reason.  All of you before me are exactly the same and interchangeable.  Be proud!

It wasn't easy finishing the tasks that led you here.  There was a lot of homework, a lot of tests and a lot of studying.  Why did you go to all that much trouble and work? Seriously, I want to missed out on a lot of naps and reality programming.  At least 23 Real Housewives shows were made, aired and cancelled in that time.  Just think about what you missed out on. I hope it was worth it.

Look around you and remember this day.  Remember who was sitting next to you. Remember who came to support you. Remember what it took to get you to where you are today. Remember it may be questioned later by the police as I just stepped on to the podium without being the ACTUAL commencement speaker and I see the cops running towards me now.

In conclusion, because the officers are drawing near, make today the first day of the rest of the remaining afternoon.  

Stay awake kids,

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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