Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How To Win Fiends and Influenza People

Hey Gang.

One of my favorite and fun holidays is upon us, I have celebrated it every year since I was young,  I am, of course, talking about National Cat Day on October 29th,  I don't have a cat as a pet, I have tried on several occasions to adopt one, but the kitties always seem to prefer the feral life to living with me.

Halloween, a lesser celebrated holiday, is also next week.  This is when costumed children take on the role of stray animals and walk from house to house begging for scraps of food.  I remember a few Halloweens as a child, I would ask my parent's for suggestions as to what I should be, They would say, "Be who we love most" so I would dress up like my siblings.

Trick or treat safety is always an issue for kids too,  It's important to remember to have loose fitting costumes if you want to steal other children's candy.  Also, parents should check their kids' bags for razor blades in apples.  As a precaution, just throw out any apples, preferably at the neighbors who hand out the apples, this is a candy holiday.

Last year, an internet rumor about clowns made everyone all a twitter.  This year, a clown on Twitter is making everyone anxious.  Remember that holidays are a time for fun and relaxation.  Feeling worried for the future is for regular days, so give yourself permission to have fun on a Tuesday night. (Unless you normally participate in Taco Tuesday, then you are used to great Tuesdays!)

I hope these tips help you enjoy the holidays.  For all my feline friends reading this: I have tuna, no strings attached. ( I also have string for you to play with, but there are strings attached, it's the other string.)

Take Scare,

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer


  1. Hehehe thanks for the giggle "lesser celebrated holiday"

  2. Thanks for reading, maybe one day "Halloween" will be a household word. Keep up the hope!