Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Power of Loud!

Hey Gang,

As an aspiring life coach and motivational guru, I have observed that good leaders can inspire others by becoming enthusiastic and blaring their voices.  So many jobs I have worked at (prior to being "let go") the bosses walk in and yell, "Alright everyone, let's have a great day!  Those breakfast burritos aren't going to fry themselves.  I can't stay long, my high school starts in 30 minutes."  I love it!  Nothing motivates me more than noisy people first thing in the morning.

Being loud is really the number one rule to effective leadership.  Granted, I have seem some Grouchy Gus's (other coworkers) get annoyed with the management's positive energy. They will roll their eyes or mutter obscenities underneath their breath. (They always get even more irritated when I ask them, "What did you say???"  while the boss is giving us a pep talk.)  I always feel bad for those coworkers and think if hearing someone holler, "Alright! Alright! Alright!  I want you to work hard so I can look good" doesn't motivate you then I don't know what will.

When I start my life coaching business on a full time basis, the first 20 minutes of my lectures will just be me screaming.  I wont limit my bellows just to large groups that I will inevitably have, I will 20-minute scream in smaller groups or even in one-one-one situations.  When you hire Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer, you will get 110% of my voice at all times.

In the mean time, I must get back to recycling cans so that I can pay for the noise violation codes that the public library keeps fining me for.  They get mad when I try to inspire and motivate other people at the library.  You have to practice somewhere!


Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer.

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