Wednesday, April 25, 2018

You Can't Spell Sell-Out Without U!

Hey Gang!

From what I understand, we live in a world that is considered to be "capitalistic." At first I thought it just meant that the rules of grammar dictate that we capitalize names of businesses, but upon further research, "capitalism" is all about exchanging money for goods and services.  It is a fancy word for selling and we live in a nation that loves to sell.

In the training world, sales training is huge!  I have never attended any type of seminars that cover selling, but I am thinking about presenting my own symposium all about this subject that I am woefully ignorant of.

How Hard Can It Be?

From my earliest memory I can recall going to stores.  My parents would drive to the supermarket or mall, crack the car window and tell me to wait there while they shopped. (Some days they would shop for hours!)  They would come back happy and smiling. They loved some of their purchases so much that they would have me squash in the trunk so their new products could be safely buckled in a car seat. (They were such passionate consumers!)

It wasn't until my adult years, when I actually stepped foot in a store that I realized persuasion is involved in making purchases.  Some stores persuade consumers with signs and displays, where other stores have sales people following shoppers mattress clearinghouses.

More Bleeping Rules

If you have been following my blog, you know I always have to address those cumbersome rules! They seem to be everywhere...even in the art of persuading someone to spend money on an item that they don't need.

One of the many rules is to be charming.  A good sales person just needs a pretty smile and limited knowledge of the actual product.  If it's a big ticket item like a car that is being sold, a great salesperson should worry less about the details of the automobile and more about having a a laugh combined with a hearty, "Sure, I guess." as a response.

Also, don't let a potential buyer ask too many questions.  If a customer starts demanding a lot of in-depth answers about a product, a good salesperson should  have a brochure handy.  They can hand it to the consumer with that trade-mark smile and tell them, "Read it for yourself, I have other people who may actually buy from me."

Finally, don't be in a rush! The best thing a good salesperson has is time.  If someone wants to make an impulse buy based on emotions, a great sales technique is to use no pressure!  A future customer's goodnight sleep and healthy perspective is a salesperson's dream!

Well, hopeful Sales Men, Sales Women and Sales Associates...get out there and try your best.  Remember, your paycheck is NOT going to reflect whether or not someone bought an item from you. (Or will it? I never attended a sales seminar.)

Stay Awake Kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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