Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Prattle With a Purpose

Hey Gang,

Social media has become a part of our culture over the last decade.  It's fun to see people from my old  high school talk about their careers and post photos of their family while I am nestled in my Gremlin each night. Although, there is a lot of  time wasted on these apps, social media does have its negative side too.  Much like a family holiday table, some social media outlets can be a screaming match about politics, religion and sport team mascots. (Why are most team mascots only limited to mammals?  There are some fierce insects out there that can represent any school or civic association...don't get me started, that's  how I ruined the last Gainer Family Arbor Day celebration.)


I got to thinking, what if I could invent a social media platform that was only used for light and happy conversations?  I would call if the, Small Talker Database. Instead of people in your group being labeled as "friends" or "followers", they would just be fellow "STD Partners".  Once you sign up and log-in, you can either accept an STD or reach out to someone and ask them to accept your STD.  I think it would spread like wildfire!


Small Talker Database wouldn't be open to just any type of conversation, the topics would be limited to only things that are non-controversial.  To keep everyone on point, moderators would be assigned, just like on Reddit.  The moderators would take their responsibilities seriously and be militant about their duties, just like on Reddit.  All topics would be limited to: weather, food, pets, babies, baby pets, gas prices and recent celebrity deaths.


Memes are those hilarious pictures with captions underneath them.  Some are of Kermit The Frog or Willy Wonka or other people who got famous for just being memes.  Sometimes memes are funny, some are poignant and some contain dangerously ignorant false information. I want to limit the memes for the STD partners as well.  Below would be some acceptable memes for my new network!


The office can be a tricky place to mix with social media, but not if you're an STD partner!  The following are some good fun Safe-For-Work Memes!

If anyone out there is interested being an STD Partner with me and knows how to set up and operate a social platform, give me holler!

Stay Awake Kids,

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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