Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Meeting of the Mine

Hey Gang,

I have realized that my last several blog posts have been less corporate trainer and more Cathy Gainer.  I want to fix that in this week's post.  If I ever do get a job with a corporation (Hopefully one that is a bit lenient with the background checks.) I imagine that I would have to attend and god-willing someday conduct meetings.  I am assuming that there is an art to hosting meetings, so the following are tips to make your company powwows great...probably.

Make Meeting A Surprise

We all have busy schedules and hectic lives, so who wouldn't want a pop-meeting? (It's like a pop-quiz but with a boardroom.)  Having unexpected and surprise meetings will help keep the workforce on its toes.  If the company's workflow is productive, predictable and profitable...shake things up and demand an impromptu huddle.

Listen To The Loud People

There are always going to be "those" people in a meeting...the "no-it-alls", the
"buttinskys" and the "jokesters."  They are the ones that interrupt and get the conversations off topic.  Be sure to embrace them!  Yes, the title of your conference may be "Ways to Be More Efficient" but if someone can bring up why Shannon always cooks fish in the break room microwave, then by all means...listen.  These people need the attention.

Throw That Agenda Out

Why have an organized list of issues and timelines, if you can just scat it out?  If you have assembled your coworkers in one space, then you should randomly jump from topic to topic.  If questions arise during  the meeting, address them head on rather than discussing anything at a later date. (Also, be aware of the people you have in the room.  If Shannon can be confronted about microwaving fish in front of her peers, than all the better.)

Have More Meeting Stemming From The Last Meeting

If you can run and effective and efficient meeting,  just think what you can do with another meeting...and another meeting and so on.  It's like a Russian nesting doll, you can't just conduct one get-together without making it multiply.  Remember, what you can accomplish in one gathering, you can also accomplish in four!

Hope this helps.  Stay awake, kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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