Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Super isn't Just For Bowls

Hey Gang,

As you know,  there is a big game coming up.  It's called the Super Bowl.  Here comes the confusing part, there is absolutely no bowling in this event.  I found out the hard way that bringing a 10 lb bowling ball into a stadium is frowned upon and conversely bowling alleys don't like it when you wear football cleats on their lanes.  Rules, who can keep up?

I often wonder why it is called the Super Bowl.  While it is super, maybe it could have been called the Awesome Bowl, the Ample Bowl or the Concussion Bowl.  If it were up to me, it would be called the Nifty Bowl, because all those rich people in one place is nifty!

Now that we know the Patriots will be playing the Falcons, it begs the question of who to root for.  I like actual falcons.  They are strong and fierce, but can be controlled when blinders are put on them. The same can be said for actual patriots.

The commercials for the Super Bowl are always a fun hit.  Even people who don't normally watch football will tune in just to see the commercials.  Those same people may also get offended by one of the commercials and speak out against it in the weeks to follow.  It's a fun tradition, along with endless debates on who ruined the halftime show.

Since I don't own a TV or a home to watch a TV in, I am already deciding where to view the big game.  My favorite place is in front of the many TV screens at the Best Buy. They  have the highest definition televisions and slowest security guards in town.

Enjoy the gang folks! Please remember to snack responsibly.  Although, junk food is fun, it makes you sluggish when security is chasing you out of the Best Buy.

Go Sports!
Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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