Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trash Talking Sunday!

Hey Gang,

This Sunday will be a big celebration.  Families all across the country will gather to honor the men in their lives.  It is of course, Global Garbage Man Day!

I have so many great memories of my childhood garbage men. I would look forward to seeing them every week.  Sometimes I would wait for them at the end of the driveway, sometimes I would wait for them by the garbage cans and sometimes I would wait for them inside the garbage cans.  It got to be such a fun game to watch the trash collectors scream when I would jump out of the rubble shrieking at the top of my lungs!  The sanitation workers got to the point that they would kick the cans before they would pick them up. Sadly, I had to stop playing that game when the county refused to provide trash service our home. Such treasured memories!

Since I currently reside in the Walmart parking lot, I don't have a neighborhood garbage man anymore. I just have giant dumpsters that gets picked up by larger trucks. I did once try to hide and scare those garbage men, unfortunately the trucks were too automated and the dumpsters were too big that I ended spending the whole week being trapped at the city dump.

This year will be tricky since June 17th falls on a Sunday, most garbage men will be at home celebrating Father's Day with their families. So, if you know the addresses of any garbage men, post it to the internet.  Try to go to their houses and show them how much you appreciate their services, maybe even give them a gift...what more would they want than garbage?  Show them how much you appreciate them by throwing a piece of garbage in their yard. If you REALLY care, chuck a whole bag of garbage into their yard.  Let them feel appreciated!

Enjoy the weekend and stay awake kids!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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