Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Special 10K!

Hey Gang,

This is an exciting week for me. My blog is about to hit 10,000 views!   There is a commonly held belief that if you practice anything for 10,000 hours you become an expert at it. Michael Jordan was rumored to have practiced rock and roll music in his garage for 10,000 hours while The Beatles shot hoops for that same amount of time.  Look at who they became...legends!

I have posted 79 blogs that take me anywhere from one to two hours to write, which means that I still need more hours to become a world-class blogger. (If I factor in procrastination time, along with dawdling and dilly dallying, I spend about three and a half days in front of a computer to write one blog post.) However, if it takes at least a minute to read one blog post then that makes my collective readers expert blog viewers!  Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!

10,000 is also significant in a few other ways:

  • It is my gross lifetime income! (I don't like to brag, but I had been at the $9,500 mark for a couple of years, it was so great to make it over that hump.) 
  • I once tried to start a band that consisted of a large number of maniacs, but Natalie Merchant apparently had parallel thinking and came up with her musical act first. 
  • I was asked to run a 10k, I thought it meant to run the shape of a K ten times, apparently the K stands for metric miles. It was too much for me, I still ran the K shape, though. (I pulled a muscle after a K and a half.)
  • 10,000 is also about 416 days, which is about 59 more weeks which equals 59 more blogs that may lead to 10,000 more views. (If your mind is not blown, then your not paying attention!)
Thanks again, Gang for the reads, the likes and the subscribes! Be sure to watch my weekly videos as well!

Stay Awake Kids,

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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